About Leveling the Playing Field …

About Leveling the Playing Field …

Never in the history of mankind, have we been able to take advantage of the art of communication and leverage it on a very personal level.

Never before, have we, the people, had the power to publish and get our writing, photography, graphics, design, audio or video files distributed and seen by as many people as possible as effortlessly as we can now.

It is a powerful combination – the ability to create and disseminate information and make it available instantaneously to anyone in the world who is seeking it.

And where wrongs need to be righted, we have an unprecedented ability to level the playing field by telling our side of the story.

I am a specialist in Search Engine Relevance and online reputation management and correction — two potent forces that when combined can bring stunning results.

You notice I’ve mentioned Search Engine Relevance, not Search Engine Optimization. What’s the difference? Very simply put, relevancy ranking is the way by which search engines retrieve and rank those digital documents that are most likely to be relevant to the search terms you put in.

How is something seen as being relevant, you ask? In a couple of ways, actually, that are reflective of the satisfaction of the end user – the person who typed in the query trying to find information or an answer. A relevant document, in fact, is a document that provides the answer or provides information that solves the problem the user was seeking. Or the searcher sees immediately why the search engine retrieved and presented the document.

So we’re not just after words in a query that might deliver a document that checks off everything we’ve requested but has no relevance to what we’re looking for, we’re after relevant results that make sense immediately to the person seeking information.

How, you ask? Algorithms. Let’s say someone is searching for information on Google or Bing or Yahoo or Ask or Aol (those are the top five), they’ll type a word or words into the search field and then hit enter. Almost instantaneously, a set of results is returned by the search engine, which ranks those results according to search algorithms. The algorithms used to obtain and rank those results now must contain elements that measure not only the relevance but also the importance of pages, images, documents, etc., matching the terms that were searched for.

It’s a complex thing, certainly nothing that can be completely explained in a handful of paragraphs, but just understand that there’s ben a paradigm shift from optimization to relevance that I put fully into place through my business practices. Again, in short, we level the playing field for our clients. And not only level, sometimes we can clear those playing fields off completely of competitors. THAT’s what we’re after.