Does Steven Barket Do Online Character Assassination?

Does Steven Barket Do Online Character Assassination?

Short answer: NO!

That’s the question I’m addressing here: Do I do online character assassination? And the clear answer is, of course, no. I do not. All I’m doing is presenting facts publicly, not behind the closed doors of a courtroom, where 95 percent of what actually happens goes unreported and unknown by the vast majority of the public.

Attorneys, in court, perform character assassination. It can last for a day or more. Usually, it’s not true, it’s only bits and pieces, it’s razzle-dazzle, it’s a circus act and dramatic showmanship. It’s one side of what is often a very broad and complex story. In haste, these attorneys take bits and pieces of information and construct a character and a life from them that does not give a complete picture; they try to confuse people. They present only what that they want the court or the jury to believe. They leave out stuff. Lots of stuff.

What I do is factual and concise, and it comes directly from court documents.


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