Las Vegas Good Ol’ Boys Network

After years of hard work and testifying for many Federal Agencies, The Las Vegas Good Ol’ Boys Network (GOB Net) went to work on me. This site is my story. After months of Tom Dillard cleaning up witness and trying to intimidate everyone I know in and around the Las Vegas area including as going as far as telling people where my son went to school. The case of Ricardo Bonvicin went to trail. The Federal Judge ( Robert C Jones ) did not like me or my testimony, the case was dismissed and all charges were dropped. It was May of 2009 Assistant United States Attorney Crane Pomerance told me “it’s know big deal the story will probably be some where below the fold in the Las Vegas Review Journal”. Mr Pomerance was wrong that day on at least two things, one about the way the case was presented and two about the story being below the fold in LVRJ. The follow stories and blog were all written by John L. Smith.

April 30th 2009, LVRJ Article headline reads: Money Laundering charges dropped against ex-NLV court martial

May 6th 2009, LVRJ Article headline reads: After days in court, ex-lawman seeks return to jail job

June 1st 2009, LVRJ Blog : Will federal informant Barket reappear in future trials ?

June 2nd 2009, LVRJ Article headline reads : After not impressing His Honor, government witness defends his honor

Why did I receive such attention from John L. Smith and the LVRJ?

Tom Dillard and Tom Pitaro that’s why. I believe it works something like this. Since Dillard is a P.I. that works for Pitaro (attorney) Dillard’s information is privileged, John L. Smith has Nevada’s Shield law on his side. In this case Smith has used the shield law to allow to him to write just about what ever he wants, in this case John L. Smith is a bold face liar. Dillard’s track record is so bad with law suits. When you take into consideration all the money that Clark County had to pay out as a direct result of Tom Dillard’s actions, I have to ask my self how did this guy get a Private Investigators license ? As a side note Dillard had an unpaid federal tax lien for over 7 years.

I will go over all information and documents that I have uncovered about what I have now come to know as the “Las Vegas Good Old Boy Network” or as I refer to them as GOB Net!

I will be also putting up my own bio as well. I have a lot of information to put on this site. This site has been done by myself, no web master, no web developer, just myself. Please overlook my editorial skills.

My advice to John L Smith is something once told to me by my mother: “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.” It’s just that simple.