The following link is an example site of how Steven Barket levels the playing field against someone who has publicly challenged his reputation:

John L (Libel) Smith

You’ll note on the information and opinion provided on that site, that I bring to light truths that linger in the background, but which most people who are familiar with John L. Smith and the columns he writes at the Las Vegas Review-Journal don’t know about. This information I’m exposing goes directly to the kind of person John L. Smith is and his character, or lack thereof, which is pertinent to me telling my side of the story.

To wit: John L. Smith filed for bankruptcy as a result of a libel suit that was slapped on him by one of the wealthiest men in the United States. He’s also been arrested for a DUI (note the published publicly available mug shot) and has had a notice of divorce filed by his wife.

The text in the graphic at the top of the website spells it all out in bold red text: Libel! DUI Arrest! Bankruptcy! Divorce! All true, all factual, all hiding in plain sight in the public domain, but not widely disseminated or known. Websites like this are how you make that kind of information known as widely as possible. If you search for his name and location (John L. Smith, Las Vegas) you’ll see the above website pop up in one of the top three organic links on the search results returned on Google.

As I always say, “level the playing field.”