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Does Steve Barket Do Online Character Assassination?

Short answer: NO!

That’s the question I’m addressing here: Do I do online character assassination? And the clear answer is, of course, no. I do not. All I’m doing is presenting facts publicly, not behind the closed doors of a courtroom, where 95 percent of what actually happens goes unreported and unknown by the vast majority of the public.

Attorneys, in court, perform character assassination. It can last for a day or more. Usually, it’s not true, it’s only bits and pieces, it’s razzle-dazzle, it’s a circus act and dramatic showmanship. It’s one side of what is often a very broad and complex story. In haste, these attorneys take bits and pieces of information and construct a character and a life from them that does not give a complete picture; they try to confuse people. They present only what that they want the court or the jury to believe. They leave out stuff. Lots of stuff.

What I do is factual and concise, and it comes directly from court documents.

Steve Barket, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 4, 2013: “True Survivor” Claws His Way Back? Ricardo Bonvicin, a “True Sociopath” in My Opinion …

It will truly be a bad day for you if Ricardo Bonvicin, a North Las Vegas cop, gets entangled in your life.

The story referenced in the headline above in this post — “True Survivior” by John L. Smith of the Las Vegas Review Journal — has a lot missing from it.

For example, here are a couple of key items that Bonvicin should have been asked to go over by our intrepid LVRJ fact-finder:
1. Explain your bankruptcy.
2. How did you, Mr. Bonvicin, pay private detective Tom Dillard?

And no mention about the western union money sent to Nicole, my ex.

Bonvicin got money and did not pay his own father in law.

Rick Bonvicin forgot to explain to John L. Smith his own statement, which I recorded. Let’s reflect on Bonvicin’s own words:

In the Physical World, Force = Mass x Acceleration In the Online World, Force = SEO + Reputation Management and Correction

I am a specialist in Search Engine Optimization and online reputation management and correction — potent forces that when combined can bring stunning results.

“Level the playing field by telling your side of the story.”

• Strong background in computer security, encryption / TSCM.
• Proponent of exercising and protecting First Amendment rights.

I’ve worked in the area of telecommunications management and monitoring services and provide for clients a proactive and systemic approach relating to the use, misuse and abuse of technology.

My experience over the past several decades has involved a wide range of clients, from high-profile private industrial and business leaders to law enforcement, government agencies and corporations, and large and small businesses.

John L. Smith’s $15 Million Bankruptcy

That’s right, you read this blog post headline correctly: “John L. Smith’s $15 Million Bankruptcy.”

While John L. Smith writes column upon column each week in the Las Vegas Review-Journal (LVRJ), his credibility has been directly compromised by an astonishingly large libel suit of $15 million. The actual figure that Smith tallied up in his bankruptcy filing is $15,644,671.00. That’s closer to $16 million than $15 million, but we’re giving the guy a break.

There are no fewer than 94 creditors listed in the “Schedule F” document of creditors holding claims against him. It goes on for 18 pages. You can read the details here: John L. Smith’s Bankruptcy.

All this, by the way, is publicly available information. All you have to do is look for it.